Two Photon Art

Co-founded in 2015 with neuroscientist Christine Liu, Two Photon Art is a collective that uses art to communicate science in ways that are accessible and fun, no matter your background! Check out our Instagram where we do most of our posting.


With little more than a printer and stapler, we first created zines that allowed us to use science and art as a tool for accessible education. We’ve since ventured into the fashion scene by creating science and nature themed pins, patches, and jewelry. These creative mediums have allowed us to be authentic and get closer to other artists and people in the community at the same time. Currently, we are exploring how zines, pins, and collaboration can be used to give back to the community and raise awareness about today’s most pressing social issues.  

You can read more about our zines and find our pins, patches, and zines for sale on our website:


Sample Work



We began Two Photon by making science themed zines - self-published, short circulation books. Since our first zine about volcanoes, we’ve published zines covering neuroscience, botany, technology, physics, genetics, and more.



Our #ScienceSnapshot campaign is for those who love science, but don’t have the time to sit down and read entire articles. We sift through the latest scientific research and summarize them in “snapshots” with an accompanying illustration.

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Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins are a fun way to dress up your jean jacket or backpack, however we had difficulty finding any that were science related. We decided to launch our own line of science themed enamel pins and have been donating a portion of the proceeds to organizations doing incredible social and science communication work.